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The lubricating oils Supergliss K range contain surface-active substances, which improve coefficient of friction and even prevent stick-slip at slow feed rate and heavy loads.

Supergliss K are lubricating oils, which form a pressure resistant, adhesive lubricating film, which is even excellently suitable for vertical running guideway rails since no drop formation occurs.


  • Chlorine-free
  • Superior adhesion strength
  • Reduction of stick-up
  • High pressure absorption capability and very good protection against abrasion
  • Good de-emulsifying ability
  • Optimal compatibility with soluble cutting fluids
  • Substantial corrosion protection
  • Proven Adhesion, also with plastic coats slideway

Lubricates slideways with and without plastic coatings, horizontal and vertical guide-ways, carriers, connection links, tables of machine tools etc. Supergliss K are likewise very well suited for the slides of high performance multiple-blade gate saws, for hydraulic systems and for low-loaded, closed gears in machine tools.

CG - according to DIN 51 502
G - according to DIN ISO 3498

Weight (Est.): 18523g (18.52kg)

Commodity Code: 27101994 > Country Of Origin (ISO 3166-2): Switzerland ( CH )

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