Motorex Trial Gear Oil Clutch Optimised API GL-4 75w 1L

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TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W is a fully synthetic transmission oil designed for the specific requirements seen on trial motorcycles.In trial motorcycles, the clutch and transmission are put under particularly high stress. As a result, a highly effective additive composition is required in order to achieve an optimal, highly sensitive response behaviour on the clutch. This also allows for smooth and consistent dosage under constant extremely load, including in difficult terrain.TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W was developed in collaboration with Gas Gas!


 TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W was developed specially for the demands seen in motorcycle trials and is only suitable for this motorcycle type.


  • SAE 75W
  • The development of this fully synthetic oil – which meets the performance requirements of the API GL-4 standard – was carried out in collaboration with GASGAS. The Spanish trial motorcycle manufacturer fills its bikes ex-works with lubricants from MOTOREX.In terms of balance and climbing abilities, motorcycle trial riders are artists on two wheels. Riding machines that are light in weight and have lots of torque, plus they demand precise control of the engine power using the clutch lever which is often the deciding factor between success and failure.The material must be able to cope with situations of extreme stress, as the two-wheeled acrobats often push their bikes to the limits of physics while riding the clutch. There are also extremely high thermal loads on all drive components during competitive events.The new MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W meets these challenges without a hitch. Developed jointly with cooperation partner and trial specialist GASGAS, the focus of the Swiss lubricant manufacturer was primarily on creating an oil that offered maximum durability and a smooth and sensitive clutch response.The oil’s special formulation, among other things therefore, contains highly effective additives. They ensure that, even under sustained stress, MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W provides sensitive control of the clutch, to support the driver with optimum feedback at all times. This makes it the ideal choice for all trial motorcycles for which the manufacturer specifies a lubricant meeting the API GL-4 standard. GASGAS also recommends switching to the new MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W for brand-new machines following the prescribed running-in period.

    Barcode (EAN): 7611197137153
    Weight (Est.): 15372g (15.37kg)

    Commodity Code: 27101994 > Country Of Origin (ISO 3166-2): Switzerland ( CH )

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