Motorex Top Speed 4T Synthetic High Performance JASO MA2 5w/40 1L

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Modern synthetic high-performance engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycles.

MC (Molecular Converted) technology high-quality base oils are refined chemically and achieve a very high level of performance.

Meets BMW requirements for the K1200, K1300 and K1600 Series plus the S1000 Series.

Certified JASO MA 2 approval guarantees the fault-free functioning of wet multi-disc clutches.

Meets API SN, SL, SJ


MOTOREX TOP SPEED 4T has been especially developed for use in all machines with large displacements and high torque for which a fully synthetic oil has not been expressly specified by the manufacturers.

It is ideal for motorcycles with multi-disc wet clutches.

It also meets the highest manufacturer's specifications.

Specially also for the BMW requirements of the K Series (K1200, K1300, K1600) and S1000.

Barcode (EAN): 7611197113959
Weight (Est.): 9596g (9.60kg)

Commodity Code: 27101994 > Country Of Origin (ISO 3166-2): Switzerland ( CH )

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