Motorex Racing Pro 4T Racing Lab 0w/40 4L

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MOTOREX RACING PRO 4T 0W/40 motor oil is a high-performance speciality product specially developed for MOTOREX Racing Support and its participation in international events at the highest racing level.

It features exceptionally good high-temperature stability and shear strength and effectively reduces friction in vehicles.


MOTOREX RACING PRO 4T 0W/40 MOTOR OIL is a fully synthetic motor oil tailored specifically to the latest generation of four-stroke motorbikes.

Even under the toughest racing conditions it offers your engine the best protection possible.

Thanks to its lubricating properties, RACING PRO 4T 0W/40 is the perfect motor oil for the high temperatures to which your motorbike is exposed.

Barcode (EAN): 7611197101284
Weight (Est.): 5000g (5.00kg)

Commodity Code: 34031900 > Country Of Origin (ISO 3166-2): Switzerland ( CH )

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