Motorex Chainlube Adventure (With PTFE) White 500ml

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Current dual-sport enduros or adventure bikes are genuine multi-tools. More and more of them are now provided with a chain drive and are used both for riding in urban areas and on country roads as well as on motorways. In addition, many enthusiastic motorcyclists use these bikes for long and, in some cases, adventurous rides that frequently take them far away from paved roads. Dual-sport motorcycles are a very popular choice when new bikes are purchased - and are a growing trend. The range of models available from the various motorcycle manufacturers in this segment, therefore, is correspondingly extensive. With the launch of its new CHAINLUBE ADVENTURE, MOTOREX is now offering a chain lubricant that has been developed specifically for these customers, and one that offers numerous benefits in everyday use and on long rides.

Once applied, this spray will provide reliable lubrication for an extremely long period of time. It creates a lubricating film that is both water resistant and designed to withstand high pressure, making this chain lube ideally suited to rides through challenging terrain. MOTOREX CHAINLUBE is highly adhesive, yet at the same time minimises the build-up of grime. It is durable, resistant to sling-off, and can cope with even the most adverse weather conditions, such as rain and damp. It shows off its strengths just as well, therefore, on fast stretches of motorway when travelling to the meeting point, as it does later on the subsequent adventure trip. Because even when tracks become narrower and more challenging, MOTOREX CHAINLUBE ADVENTURE meets the toughest demands and instils confidence by providing excellent lubrication and ensuring that the chain continues to run smoothly, while keeping wear to a minimum. This new lubricant handles trips on rough terrain, such as riding on unsurfaced trails through fields and forests, for example, with ease. The formula is designed to prevent the build-up of dust and grime and thus protect the chain and sprockets from excessive wear.


White chain lubricant, developed specifically for the requirements of modern dual-sport motorcycles
  • O-ring and X-ring tested
  • Water resistant, extremely adhesive lubricating film
  • High pressure and sling-off resistant
  • Wear-reducing effect
  • Low dirt adhesion
  • Also available in packs of 12.

    Barcode (EAN): 7611197128960
    Weight (Est.): 6400g (6.40kg)

    Commodity Code: 34031900 > Country Of Origin (ISO 3166-2): Switzerland ( CH )

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