Moose Racing GUARD PIPE OEM KTM 300 - MPG25011

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Genuine Moose Racing Part - CARBON FIBER PIPE GUARD FOR 2-STROKE STOCK/FMF EXHAUST : E Line 2-Stroke Pipe Guard
  • Custom molded to fit perfectly every time.
  • Carbon fiber, anti-ballistic composite material, fiberglass, and high temp resins yield an exceptional guard
  • The lightweight composite has 75% greater tensile strength than aluminum
  • Protects exhaust pipes from power robbing dents and increases house-power by elevating gas flow temperature
  • For Husqvarna and KTM 250/300 applications: FMF pipes for this application were slightly changed in November 2013. A date code is stamped on the lower pipe mount along with the FMF part number. A pipe manufactured in November 2013 will have a date code of 13/11. If you have an FMF pipe for this bike that was manufactured prior to November 2013 then you will need PART #1861-0134.

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