Mean Bird Motorcycles Flannel Jacket (Mens) Burgundy Check

Size: Small
Color: Burgundy
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From the start , we set out to raise the bar with the overall quality and attention to detail applied to the design and build of our MBM Flannel Jacket .

 Designed in house , we used use one of the leading manufacturers of casual jackets for the automotive sector , based in Europe , to build our MBM Flannel Jackets , in line with our No Shit No Sweat mantra.

 Their lower volume , superior quality  build and finish production process comes at a higher cost , but is well worth paying as our  garments are intended to last for years  , not months.

 Additional costs were incurred by choosing to go the extra mile with these inputs :

 Heavy gauge superior quality 100% cotton shirting fabric for added weight , improved fit and warmth.

 Teflon coating on the fabric to adds a shower proofing capability .

 Quilted lining for added warmth.

 Heavy gauge zips designed to last , while minimising the uncomfortable scratch effect from lighter gauge zips

 Rubberised , embossed stud buttons to provide additional heavy duty fastening.


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